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We love visitors! There are many ways to be involved in ministry down here in Mahahual. Learn how below and please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Deb Perry, with any questions you might have.

Volunteer Opportunities in Mahahual

Mission Trip


A mission trip is a great way to help our young but growing ministry in the Mahahual area, and get all involved excited about sharing their faith! Past mission trips have included kids’ camps, Vacation Bible School, special charity projects for needy families, and participation in weekly ministry activities. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Deborah Perry if you are interested. Mission trips are usually groups of around 5-10 people for a week or two.

Extended Community Service Project

Community Service Director, Dan Thiel, and children from the community.

We serve a very diverse community that has a very diverse set of needs! By way of example, Mahahual is a tourist town, and those who work here benefit greatly from learning or improving their English skills. We have offered English classes through the church in the past, and look to continue doing so in the future. Other ideas include computer software training and Spanish literacy, and there may well be other possibilities as well. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Deborah Perry, for the latest project ideas list to see if your skills fit a particular ministry need. Of course, all projects build bridges to sharing eternal life in our Savior Jesus. Extended community service projects are usually carried out by individuals, couples, or small groups over a period of 1-3 months. However, other suggestions will be considered by our board.​

Help Bring in Materials


 Mahahual has no post office (yes, we’re a little bit on the frontier here!), and no easy way of purchasing or bringing in some of the materials we need for the ongoing ministry of our church. We often count on visitors and ministry staff to carry these items with them when they travel to our town. If you are willing to take along an extra suitcase or two on your trip, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Deborah Perry, for the latest list of needs. You may also make a special donation to cover the cost of some of the needs that can be purchased locally or brought in by someone else. 

Cruise Ship Visit


Taking a Caribbean cruise? Put the Costa Maya port on your itinerary! The ship docks about 1 mile from our church, Cruz de Cristo, and can easily be reached by walking or taking a taxi. As a number of visitors have told us, “There’s nothing like seeing the mission first-hand!”  

 Please fill out the following form to let us know about your visit, and be sure to download the directions to the church below: 


Click here for printable directions to the church for yourself,  or to give to your taxi driver, if needed. 

Directions to church from port (pdf)


Contact Our Volunteer Coordinator

Are you interested in visiting or serving in one of these ways? Do you have questions? Please send Deb a message!

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