Additional Ways to Serve

Share Your Talents

 All our talents come from God and are used for his glory. In our mission we benefit from some great assistance from church members in the U.S. who donate some of their time to keep our ministry running smoothly. We especially are grateful for aid in areas we are not able to cover locally at this time, such as technology and volunteer management. If you have an idea for a Christian talent to offer that would benefit our ministry plan, please contact Board Chairman Jerry Zimpelmann:  


Feed Our Community

Your Gifts Can Help Support Two Important Areas of Ministry

Soup Kitchen

On Friday afternoons, Cruz de Cristo offers a soup kitchen to the people of Mahahual. Many children attend these meals, and often it is the best meal they receive all week. Nutritious fare includes chicken, rice and vegetable soup, spaghetti, pozole, and pork and beans. We pray for opportunities to draw closer and share also the Bread of Life, Jesus.


​Despensas are food kits which include staples such as rice, beans, cooking oil, sugar, cookies and coffee.  One kit costs approximately $10 U.S. and feeds a family of four for four days. They are wonderful tools to show people that we care for their physical as well as spiritual needs.  Through donations, the church is able to keep a number of despensas for use on an as-needed basis.      

How does all of this fit into God’s plan to share His Love and news of salvation?  It has opened doors to talk with people that we never could before – it has shown them that we love them, and their animals, regardless of their living conditions, addictions, or being “less than” most people feel they should be.  It’s a very simple plan – show up, show them love and compassion, feed the animals, laugh and chat about how much the dogs look forward to seeing us.  And, in most cases, the people have started going to Bible studies, coming along for a meal at the soup kitchen, and even attending church services on Sunday.  How do you put a price on a bag of dog food –or a lost soul?!

Feed The Bodies

Our wonderful volunteers organize the menus and logistics of these two areas. Your gifts help cover the cost of operating and stocking our kitchen.

Become a Church Partner

All of ministry is a partnership. The Apostle Paul gives thanks to God for this blessing in his letter to the Philippians: "I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.

We are grateful for the support we have received from individuals and congregations within the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (USA), and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Mexico, of which we are a part. If your congregation would like a closer connection to our mission, please contact Board Chairman Jerry Zimpelmann for information on becoming a partner church. We pray these ministry connections are a blessing to both you and us!